Fivetran deployment options

Move data wherever and however it exists

Simultaneously deploy your workloads using our Hybrid, SaaS or Self-hosted deployment options — in any geography.

Hybrid, SaaS, Self-hosted: Deployment options to meet your unique business needs

Securely move all of your data in any environment — including cloud, on-premises, SaaS applications, legacy databases and even edge systems. From healthcare and life sciences to government, manufacturing and financial services — Fivetran has deployment options to meet your needs.

Hybrid Deployment


A fully managed service that meets the strictest enterprise security protocols

Leverage Fivetran’s cloud-based, automated data movement platform, while processing data in your secure environment. Enjoy the security of Self-hosted Deployment, along with the simplicity of Fivetran’s dashboard and the reliability of our 24/7 monitoring and 500+ engineers.

Read the Hybrid Deployment docs
Fivetran Hybrid Architecture overview diagram, showing data moving directly from a secure customer network into a destination network, with only metadata shared with Fivetran.

Cloud-based control plane

A single platform for all of your data movement needs, offering 99.9% uptime and a selection of 500+ fully managed data connectors.

Secure pipelines in your environment

Self-host pipelines to move database, Salesforce and other sensitive data under your security protocols, without it leaving your VPC.

Complete data protection

Fivetran provides secure single-sign-on, enterprise compliance certifications and data encryption in transit and at rest.

SaaS Deployment

Fully managed data movement operating in a secure cloud environment

Data moves automatically, at scale, through our secure, fully managed cloud platform. SaaS Deployment offers an easy-to-use experience with a library of over 500 ready-to-use connectors — as well as custom connectors — and support for all clouds.

  • 99.9% uptime
  • 500+ connectors
  • SOC 1 and SOC 2, HIPAA BAA, ISO 27001 compliant and more
Read the SaaS Deployment docs
Fivetran SaaS deployment model diagram, showing the secure movement of data from the customer network, through the Fivetran network, and into the destination network.

Self-hosted Deployment

Database replication with unmatched support for high-volumes and low-latency

Self-hosted HVR deployment provides you with real-time replication of your largest database sources, operated and maintained in your local environment.

  • Real-time, high-volume CDC
  • 30+ database integrations including Oracle, SAP and mainframes
  • Support for complex replication topologies
Read the Self-hosted Deployment docs
Fivetran Self-hosted deployment model diagram, showing data movement from a customer network directly into a destination network.

Start moving data today — regardless of where it lives

Contact us today and our team will find the best deployment option for your business.

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