Real-time, efficient data replication from SAP ERP to your destination of choice.

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Begin moving data from your SAP instance to your destination of choice in minutes with Fivetran. Capable of moving large volumes of data in real-time, the Fivetran SAP connector can replicate SAP data quickly and securely.. Fivetran offers a variety of connection options for your ELT database replication such as safelisting Fivetran’s IP address, SSH tunnel, reverse SSH tunnel, AWS PrivateLink, Azure Private Link, and Google CloudPrivate Service Connect. The Fivetran SAP connector can replicate data from SAP ERP instances running on Oracle, Db2i, SQL Server, and HANA DB as well as from SAP S/4HANA.

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“Fivetran enabled the Enterprise Information Management team to replicate data in real-time from multiple sources into Snowflake to power business intelligence dashboards, giving them the ability to perform analyses across different teams from a single source of truth without impacting database performance. Replication through Fivetran reduced ETL batch loads in one instance from 31 hours to under 2 hours, another from days to under 1 hour.”

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Customer analytics — start replicating from your SAP instance to drive insights about your customers, your users, and the customer journey.

Supply chain analytics — power your supply chain analysis and reporting with Fivetran’s SAP connector.

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Fivetran SAP AppConnect simplifies data integration to cloud

Replicate data to any of your cloud-based destinations

Seamlessly manage data replication from your SaaS applications and databases to your destination of choice with Fivetran.
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