Service Level Agreement [through April 2021]

This Service Level Agreement is effective June 02, 2019.

[This SLA applies to customers using Fivetran's legacy platform-based product. The SLA for the current consumption-based product is here.]

1. Scope of SLA

1.1 Fivetran guarantees: (a) availability of its Core Services, and (b) average sync times for connections to Customer data sources, both as described below.

2. Definitions

2.1 Allowed Downtime Interval - additional time for Fivetran to successfully sync a connector before customer starts accruing Downtime.

2.2 Core Services – means the three services identified in Section 3 below.

2.3 Data Delivery Services – means the data pipeline services for connectors specified on each Order Form.

2.4 Downtime - Downtime for Core Services means the Service is available less than the Uptime Commitment period(s) below, measured on a rolling quarterly basis. Downtime for Data Delivery Services means: (a) the connection is completely broken / not loading data at all, or (b) more than 30% of tables do not load during the Normal Update Time for the Service.

2.5 Normal Update Time – the average time between successful syncs over the previous 30 days. Normal Update Time is not set until there have been 48 successful incremental loads.

2.6 Service Credit - a credit on Customer’s fees equal to Downtime (in hours) * (annual fee for Service/hours in year). Service Credits for Core Services are calculated based on the platform fees paid for the current term. Service Credits for Data Delivery are calculated based on the connector fees paid for the affected connector during the current term. Service Credits may not be redeemed for cash, and may not exceed 50% of the total monthly fees for that Service in the month that the incident occurred.


3.1 Fivetran offers an Uptime SLA for Customers who have this specified as a Platform feature.

Core Service
Web Application
Fivetran’s web application for accessing, viewing, and controlling Fivetran services.
1 hour credit against platform fees per hour of Downtime
Fivetran’s REST API for programmatically controlling Fivetran services.
1 hour credit against platform fees per hour of Downtime
Replication Servers
Fivetran’s replication servers that run Fivetran data replication services.
1 hour credit against platform fees per hour of Downtime

3.2 If one Core Service has Downtime Customer will receive a Service Credit against the entire platform fee even if the other Core Services are working. If more than one Core Service is down Customer will receive one Service Credit against the entire platform fee, not multiple credits.

3.3 Replication service Downtime is measured via Fivetran log at or via Fivetran’s log service that exports service logs to Customer’s designated log service, such as AWS CloudWatch.


4.1 Fivetran offers a connector data delivery SLA for Customers who have this specified as either a Platform feature, or as a specified Premium connector SLA on Customer’s Order Form.

4.2 A data delivery SLA is a guarantee that Fivetran will load data on a regular interval, which is defined as the combined total time of the Normal Update Time added onto the Allowed Downtime Interval. Downtime will begin to accrue after the Normal Update Time plus Allowed Downtime Interval. E.g. if the normal update time is 1 hour, and the Allowed Downtime Interval is 12 hours, then Customer would begin accruing downtime 13 hours after the last successful sync.

4.3 In order to be covered by this SLA, the Allowed Downtime Interval must be specified on Customer’s current Order Form(s).

4.4 Customer may purchase a Premium Data Delivery SLA with a shorter Allowed Downtime Interval for specified connectors, as specified on Customer’s purchase Order Form.

4.5 If Customer wishes to add or remove Data Delivery Services, Customer must notify Fivetran by email and Fivetran must confirm. Additional fees may apply.

4.6 For a Data Delivery Service to be covered by this SLA, each table from a data source must be proven capable of syncing to Customer’s target warehouse by: successfully syncing the initial data load, and then successfully syncing 48 incremental loads after that (approximately 2 days of syncs based on average 1 hour sync intervals).

5. Claims

5.1 Customer must submit claims to Fivetran customer support ( along with all information necessary for Fivetran to validate each claim, including: (i) a detailed description of the incident; (ii) information regarding the time and duration of the Downtime; (iii) the number and location(s) of affected users (if applicable); and (iv) descriptions of Customer’s attempts to resolve the incident.

5.2 Fivetran must receive the claim within two months of the end of the month in which the incident occurred.

5.3 Fivetran will evaluate all reasonably available information and make a good faith determination of whether a Service Credit is owed. Fivetran will use commercially reasonable efforts to process claims within 45 days of receipt. Customer must be in compliance with the Agreement to be eligible for Service Credits. If a Service Credit is owed to Customer, Fivetran will apply the Service Credit to Customer’s subsequent service term or to any additional Services added during the current term.

5.4 If Customer experiences Downtime for multiple Services, they must submit a separate request for each Service. For example, if Customer purchased both Salesforce Data Replication and MySQL Data Replication, and an incident caused Downtime for both Services, Customer could be eligible for two separate Service Credits (one for each Service), by submitting two claims under this SLA. Service Credits are Customer’s sole remedy for performance or availability issues for any Service under the Agreement and this SLA.

6. Limitations

6.1 Downtime does not include Service unavailability due to the following:

  • Maintenance requested by Customer, scheduled maintenance or unscheduled emergency maintenance, either by Fivetran or by third-party providers. Fivetran will provide seven days’ advance notice in writing or by e-mail of scheduled maintenance, not to exceed 24 hours per month.
  • Failure of equipment, software or other parts of the Services not listed as a Core Service or Data Delivery Service.
  • Outages of third party connections or utilities or other reasons beyond Fivetran’s reasonable control.
  • The Customer uses equipment, software or Services in a way that is not recommended by Fivetran.
  • The Customer has delayed, hindered or prevented Fivetran from providing Services, such as removing Fivetran’s access to Customer data sources or warehouses.
  • The Service has become unavailable as a result of unsupported equipment, software or other third-party services which are not fully functional, which includes but is not limited to undocumented API changes, API limits, or sync failures due to new or changed data that disrupts the schema mapping rules.
  • Customer’s breach of any of its agreements with Fivetran, or Fivetran’s responses thereto.
  • The Service is a beta release or other pre-production release of a component of the Services.

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