Database pipelines that won’t keep you up at night

Don’t let data pipeline uptime define your career trajectory or your sleep schedule. Spend less time maintaining data pipelines and more time delivering value with automated database replication.

Get to know the Fivetran platform

See the ease of setting up database replication with 99.9% uptime.

Any database, mainframe or ERP — reliable results

Seamlessly manage data replication from your SaaS applications and databases to your destination of choice with Fivetran.

  • 300+ connectors for all your sources, including SQL Server, Postgres, Oracle and SAP.

  • Move data to cloud data warehouses, data lakes or databases.

  • Orchestrate data transformations for analytics, operational use cases and AI/ML.

Efficient, reliable data movement

Improved insights, no midnight maintenance calls

Fivetran automatically moves data from Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres and more — freeing you to focus on higher impact projects.

Move large volumes of business-critical data from your database with change data capture for  minimal impact on your source system and maximum performance.

Leverage real-time changMe data capture and 99.9% uptime to ensure your end users always have the data they need — without you working overtime.

Easily comply with data privacy, security and governance requirements with advanced RBAC, automatic PII detection and more to keep your data safe.

Efficient, real-time data replication

From SAP to MarTech, the Fivetran platform supports the world’s largest workloads using a variety of database replication methods.

Change data capture

Utilizing log-based CDC, Fivetran can rapidly detect all of your data changes and replicate them to your destination via a simple setup, efficient processes and minimal resources.

Log-free replication

Fivetran supports log-free database replication with teleport sync, using compressed snapshots to replicate data from supported sources to their destination with just a read-only user.

High-volume agent

Replicate large volumes of data in real-time with Fivetran’s high-volume agent database connectors. Speak to us to learn how we can support your other databases.


Easy, automated database replication

Learn how to automate database replication and access high volumes of business-critical data in real-time — even when disaster hits.

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Save time on setup — and on maintenance

Don’t get stuck staying up late fixing or building pipelines. Easily set up automated database replication for your business critical sources with a couple clicks.

Want to learn more? Visit our comprehensive database replication page.

Want to learn more? Visit our comprehensive database replication page.