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Fivetran is a completely integrated pipeline for all of your cloud services, databases, and business intelligence (BI) tools.

How does Fivetran work?




Fivetran extracts data from all of your cloud services and database sources.
Fivetran transforms and loads your data into your data warehouse.
Analyze, query, or load your data in tons of different cloud or BI tools.


As soon as you integrate your cloud services or databases, all of your data will start extracting.

Single click authentication

Integrating cloud services, such as Salesforce, is easy. Authenticate each saas service only once for all your users, then all your historical and new data will be synced.

Straightforward database connectors

Connecting your private databases is as easy as filling out a form. We make a secure connection, and do all of the work from there on out.


Owned, hosted, & managed by you, delivered by us.

All your cloud and database data is copied into your own Amazon Redshift data warehouse.

Managed by Fivetran
Being able to make data driven decisions separates the successful companies from all the rest. Fivetran's lightning fast middleware speeds up your company's ability to utilize its data by doing the complicated integrations step of your data pipeline.
Great for: companies who need to start analyzing all of their combined data in Amazon Redshift today. Don't have a Redshift cluster set up yet? Don't worry we can help walk you through this as well.

Put your data back to work.

When your data is siloed in different cloud services it is near impossible to extract the most important information from it. When facing the near impossible feat of integrating all your data, sometimes it's hard to even think about all insights you can recover from it. With Fivetran, all your data can be integrated with only a few clicks of the mouse, and here are a few ideas of how you can use it...

All your data integrated in minutes.

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How often is data synced with Fivetran?

Depending on the service, most data sources will be synced up to every hour. The sync window, or window of time that our system can run data syncs can be adjusted as well.

What format is the data in?

We work hard to preserve the structure of every piece of data that we move. For some data sources, the data is highly denormalized, so we normalize data on a case-by-case bases but always follow textbook data warehousing practices in these cases. Contact us if you have specific questions.

Is all historical data transferred?


Does your service work if we have a virtual private cloud (VPC)?

Yes. We can connect directly to your VPC on Amazon Web Services (aws).

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