Unlock your databases, lock-in your insights

Deliver operational and analytics-ready data to your organization — in real-time. Thousands of global enterprises rely on Fivetran for automated database replication.

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Efficient, reliable data movement

Improved insights delivered by your databases

Fivetran automatically replicates data from databases, so your engineers can focus on driving your data strategy forward.

Ensure the databases powering your business remain reliable and up-to-date with low-impact replication.

Meet your data delivery SLAs with real-time data movement or scheduled data loads, with 99.9% pipeline uptime, mitigating the expense of downtime and lost insights.

Maintain guaranteed governance and unbreakable trust due to the strictest security and regulatory standards.

IDC analysis

$1.5 million average annual benefit for Fivetran customers

A new International Data Corporation (IDC) report calculated that Fivetran customers achieve a 3-year ROI of 459% due to speedy data movement.

Fivetran has sped up the ability for us to expose this data to datacenters and analysts without having to go through a normal development cycle, which would probably take us months.”


Average annual benefit per organization


Annual operational cost savings


More productive data engineers

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Customer case studies

Delivering results for enterprises

The largest global enterprises utilizes Fivetran to discover insights and improve outcomes — from understanding their customers to optimizing their operations.

Real-time insights
Self-serve analytics
Customer story

JetBlue uses Fivetran to save time and uncover insights among terabytes of disparate data

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Work that would’ve previously taken engineers weeks, if not months, Fivetran makes possible in minutes.”

Ashley Van Name, Jetblue general manager of data engineering
Conde Nast logo.

With Fivetran, the data workflows just work. We can pull data from pretty much anywhere and put it anywhere.”

Nana Yaw Essuman, Sr. Director of Data Engineering, Condé Nast
Workflow automation
Cloud infrastructure
Customer story

Condé Nast uses Fivetran to improve its customer experience and diversify its revenue streams

Read Condé Nast’s story

Become the reason your enterprise trusts data

The clock is ticking on digital transformation. Lead your enterprise from legacy reliance to modern, automated database replication.

Want to learn more? Visit our comprehensive database replication page.

Want to learn more? Visit our comprehensive database replication page.