Faster insights. Improved customer outcomes.

Demonstrate value to business stakeholders by providing a 360-view of your customers. Thousands of enterprises rely on Fivetran to automatically move their data from scattered sources and get to revenue-impacting insights faster. 

Produce personalized omnichannel experiences
Integrate customer data across channels to truly understand the customer journey, tailor marketing outreach and optimize inventory management to build your competitive advantage.
Customer story
Saks leverages Fivetran to unlock critical business insights in near real time
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"Some of those data sources were not available to our users in the past because they required a lot of engineering effort to actually build those data pipelines to manage and maintain them."
Veronika Durgin, head of data @ SAks
Create superfans to sell out your stadium 
Leverage fan data to build segments, understand what resonates with each group and provide personalized outreach to grow your fan base.  
Customer story
The Denver Broncos score a better fan experience with Fivetran
Read the Bronco’s story
“From our CRM data to our email marketing data to web traffic data, Fivetran pulls all that information together and puts it into Snowflake. That gives us a full 360-degree view of the fan, so our executive team can make decisions on what's best for the fans and for the business. ”
Clark Wray, Senior Director of Ticket Strategy and Analytics @ denver broncos
Produce unforgettable guest experiences
Personalize experiences, marketing and promotions based on individual guest profiles to enhance loyalty and generate positive word-of-mouth.
Customer story
JetBlue flies high with Fivetran to fuel real-time analytics
Read Jet Blue’s story
“The more we can do to decrease the amount of time it takes for us to get data to the folks who want it and need it, the more exciting (and effective) data analytics will be.”
Ashley Van Name, general manager of data engineering @ jetblue
Deliver tailored care for your patients 
Consolidate data from various healthcare systems to build a comprehensive view of a patient’s health information and promote continuity of care.
Customer story
Delivering Valuable Data to Medical Researchers
Read Health Data Compass’s storyue’s story
“With Salesforce data in Google BigQuery via Fivetran, Compass now gathers insights and from customer data in multiple ways. Researchers view the status of their Compass data requests, allowing a quick visual for progress and estimated request completion.”
Joyce Mui, Program Manager @ University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Drive profitable outcomes for your clients 
Leverage a holistic view of each client's information, interactions and financial relationships to identify and recommend relevant products and services.
Customer story
Square Banks on Fivetran for Effortless Data Centralization
Read Square’s story
"One of the biggest challenges for marketing teams is integrating data from all their global partners. Now that we’re leveraging Fivetran, we’re able to bring data into our ecosystem quickly and safely.”
Guli Zhu, Head of Marketing Analytics @ square
Construct an immersive gaming experience 
Build retention and loyalty by aggregating gamer and marketplace data to tailor gameplay, in-game content and marketing outreach.
Customer story
GuruShots Optimises User Experience With Centralised Event Data
Read GuruShot’s story
“With Fivetran, Snowflake and Tableau it was simple to access the data and see the responses, as a result we were able to optimise the voting system.”
Eran Hazout, CTO @ gurushots

Fivetran fuels Customer 360 

Single source of truth for customer data
Smash data silos and unify customer data from scattered sources to build a 360-degree view of your customers.
Accelerate time to insights
Leverage real-time insights to personalize outreach and create a seamless customer experience.
Make more informed decisions
Understand the results of campaigns in real-time, improve marketing ROI and ultimately increase sales.

Fully-managed, pre-built pipelines that automatically move data from any source to any destination.

  • 400+ source connectors

  • Move data to any destination

  • Automatically transform data to prepare it for analysis

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