Introducing Fivetran Transformations: Powerful Automated Orchestration

Fivetran now provides everything you need for powerful and automated in-warehouse transformations.
June 3, 2019

It’s no secret that data engineering and wrangling have always been burdensome tasks. Before Fivetran, marketers or analysts looking to analyze a new data source had to scrounge up valuable IT and engineering resources to even understand how to access the data from the source, let alone derive insights from it.

At Fivetran, we’ve taken a human-centric approach to software development by focusing on automating and simplifying essential data engineering tasks. This enables analysts to do their jobs without burdening valuable engineering resources or worrying about data quality.

Adding the “T” to Our ELT Toolkit

Fivetran Transformations provides everything data teams need to orchestrate SQL-based transformations in the data warehouse. Once a data source connection initiates within Fivetran, analysts will be able to use a trigger or time-based schedule to automatically update tables whenever new data loads into the warehouse. Combined with Fivetran Connectors, Fivetran Transformations gives data teams control over the entire data pipeline — without requiring engineering resources.

Fivetran’s new transformation tool is the embodiment of modern ELT design and offers clear advantages over traditional ETL, which isn’t built to harness cloud capabilities. Since the transformation tool is integrated with the data warehouse, users can make the most of an extremely performant and infinitely scalable cloud-built data warehouse architecture, like Snowflake. – Harsha Kapre, Snowflake Partner Ecosystems Product Manager

With an integrated solution for setting up, triggering and managing transformations with ease, analysts will be able to own the entire data reporting experience for the first time.

Fivetran Transformations is deceptively simple to use:

  1. Users can easily choose to update transformations based on new data or a set schedule.
  2. Managing critical business reporting logic becomes easy when it’s located in an easy-to-use dashboard.
  3. An easy-to-view Run History allows you to keep tabs on current status as well as previous attempts to run.

Simplifying the Transformation Experience

Traditionally, the most challenging aspect of a post-load transformation was determining how to trigger the change. To immediately run your prepared statement, you had to define a trigger point by using an outside solution to apply the SQL against the data. With Fivetran Transformations, our customers allow Fivetran to verify the warehouse ingestion and run the prepared SQL using our proven scheduling mechanisms.

Fivetran Transformations will enable us to deliver actionable insights to our clients faster and without the need for additional complex tools. This addition to Fivetran's platform will make it easier for our clients to adopt modern cloud-based data tools and build a data-driven culture. We’re excited to continue to grow DAS42’s partnership with Fivetran, and work together to help our clients and customers make better decisions faster. – Nick Amabile, CEO & Principal Consultant at DAS42

Other solutions have made it complicated to create, initiate and orchestrate transformations, often requiring a team of engineers and IT specialists to do so. Fivetran is enabling analysts by giving them the ability to transform data within an integrated system, executing SQL on a scalable cloud data warehouse architecture.

Try It for Yourself

Our customers rely on us for more than an automated data integration infrastructure. We help simplify their jobs by optimizing productivity across every business unit that touches data.

We built Fivetran Transformations as an alternative to legacy ETL solutions. We trust that you will find value in automating your data infrastructure, as hundreds of our customers already have. Now it’s easier than ever to set up enterprise-ready data integration and transform your data to match your desired data model.

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